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Blunder Beach is a couch co-op party game for up to 4 players! Race to the finish line in devilish obstacle courses that will have you swearing at your friends as you send them flying into Davy Jones locker!

Works best with controller.

Warning: The game is quite difficult, there is only slight shame in skipping levels.

This game was created by a dedicated team of students working on the project full-time at Falmouth University as part of the Games Academy Ba(Hons) Games Development course. The project uses UE4 and was planned using Scrum methodologies and used Jira for project planning and Perforce for version control.

Controls (Controller/Keyboard):

Move: Left Stick/WASD

Jump: A button/Space 

Dash: X button/E

Pause/Join Game (Lobby only): Start/Enter

Skip Level/Leave Game (Lobby only): Back/Backspace


By Department and Alphabetical Order:

Doug Allen - Environment Art
Chris Gamble - Environment Art
Georgia Higgins - Character Art
Jack Williams - Environment Art and VFX

Ewon Harding - Animation
Jake Parker - Animation 

Tom Clark - Programmer
Rory O'Dwyer - Lead Programmer

Additional Code by
Dean Harland 
Emiljano Kurbiba

Gameplay Design
Ostin Tullener

Level Design
Ethan Leavold

UX & UI Design
Fabian Storm-Streames

Additional Design by
Ewon Harding - Levels
Oscar Værnø - Systems

Magnus Hodne - Music
Barnaby Fryer - SFX

Oscar Værnø

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it. Please read the readme file before playing and run the file "BlunderBeach.exe" to begin.  Have fun!


BlunderBeach.zip 390 MB


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It's unforgiving environments mixed with a race to the finish line- makes it such a wonderful, frustrating and entertaining experience to play with friends. It also works as a single player game for its cleverly designed maps!